• How to change/reset my password

    How to change/reset my password

    If you have attempted to log in several times and were unsuccessful please visit the I cannot log in/sign in article

    If you still cannot log in here are the instructions on how to reset your password:

    1. Enter your email in the My Account bar 
    2. Click on the Forgot password? link underneath the email address field
    3. Click on the Reset Password button
    4. If you have an associated account with Jomashop, you will then receive an email to reset the password (to the email you entered) 
      • If you do not receive the reset your password email:
        1. Please check that the correct email was entered
        2. Please check the Spam/Junk mail folder in your email
        3. If you still did not receive the reset a password email after an hour of attempting to reset the password, please contact customer service below
    5. After receiving the email, click on the link to reset your password in the email (this should open up a window in your browser)
    6. You have now been redirected to the Reset a Password page. Please enter your New Password, then confirm your new password in the password fields below
    7. You should now be redirected to the Log In or Register page.

    Need more help?

    Get in touch with our customer service team through any of these options:

    • Dial (877) 834-1434 for customer service. Our phone hours are 9:00AM - 6:00PM ET (Monday - Thursday) and 9:00AM - 3:00PM ET on Fridays. 
    • Engaging in live chat with our team via this link
    • Visiting our Customer Service center for email support.
  • I cannot log in/sign in

    If you're having trouble signing in to Jomashop, you may be entering incorrect account information.

    Here are some things to check if you cannot log in:

    1. Clear Your Browser's Cache and Cookies
    2. CAPS Lock and NUM Lock on Your Keyboard
      Passwords are case sensitive, so "PASSWORD" and "Password" are recognized as two different passwords. Please double check that CAPS Lock and NUM Lock are not enabled.
    3. Incorrect E-mail Address
      Your e-mail address must be in this format: username@domain.com (or .net, .org, .edu, etc.). If you have more than one e-mail address, be sure that you're using the correct e-mail address and password combination for the account you are trying to access. Also, if your computer is set to auto-complete the e-mail, make sure it's the correct e-mail address listed and the current correct password for the email.
    4. Incorrect Password
      If you're sure you're using the correct e-mail address and you still cannot log in, try to reset your password. For more information, go to Reset Your Password.


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