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My automatic watch is not telling time

We advise executing the steps below before requesting a return or repair. If the watch still has these symptoms, go to:


1) Allow the watch to come to a complete stop (unwind).  Keep in mind that if the watch is running, this may take a couple of days. It depends on the watch's power reserve.

2) Wind the watch manually (See manual as a few models cannot be wound manually). Wind the watch around 20-30 turns of the crown. Please do not over-wind the watch (up to 40 turns), or you feel more than the usual tension, to avoid the winding threads sticking together and completely stopping the watch.

3) Wear the watch for at least 4 hours. It is advised to wear it for 8 hours to allow the self winding to maximize. This is critical as manually winding was sufficient to get it to start but wearing it will gear in the watch reserve and power reserve.

* There should not be any stoppage overnight or during the time it's worn. It is allowed to run slow for the first night only. 

** We advise setting the time again on the second day, only after wearing it for at least an hour. Then begin a timetable to test its accuracy. The timetable should run per hour and compare against a quartz or atomic time reader (not a different automatic watch). On average, the watch should be between +5 or -5 seconds per day (see the watch specifications or the manufacturer details for the exact specifications).

Keep in mind: This is not your daily routine as this is only needed when initiating the watch for the 1st use, after the watch has stopped for more than 3-4 days or for regular maintenance and trouble shooting.