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How to open a screw-down caseback

Opening the back of the watch is simple as long as you have the right tools for the job.
You can tell if a watch has a screw-down caseback by looking at the back of the watch. If the caseback has notches evenly spread out on the back of the watch, then you know that the watch has a snap-down caseback.

Tools Needed

  1. Before you start, you may need to remove the watch band/bracelet so that your tools can fit on the watch back.
  2. Place the watch case on a secure surface to prevent it from moving by using a watch holder or similar device to protect it and hold it steady during your work.
  3. Make sure the case wrench fits securely in the notches of the caseback. Using your thumb screw control between the tips, open the wrench's notches wider than the case of the watch. Then, with one finger on the notch, tighten the wrench until both tips fit snuggly in the notches of the caseback.
  4. When your fingers are securely in place on the watch caseback notches, you can begin to unscrew the watch back. Grip the watch holder to keep it from moving and begin turning the case wrench counter-clockwise to open the watch case.
  5. Once the case back has been significantly loosened, you can remove the wrench and lift the back off with your fingers.

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