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Payment Options & Information

Jomashop is proud to accept credit cards, Paypal, Pay with Amazon, money orders, certified bank checks and wire transfers, as well as other options. For speed and security, we recommend that all orders be placed with a credit card.

Payment Methods

Jomashop accepts the following credit card and alternative payment methods for online and phone orders:


Wire Transfer

Jomashop.com accepts direct wire transfers for both domestic and international orders. Jomashop.com will deduct 3% off your order total if a wire transfer is used for payment. Wire transfer orders cannot be processed online and must be placed over the phone or via email. You will be given an order number and emailed wire transfer details. Wire transfers are recommended for orders placed without access to a credit card. Jomashop.com usually receives domestic wire transfers the same business day. International wire transfers require about two to four business days to process. Please contact Jomashop.com after the anticipated wire transfer date so we may check our records for your payment. After payment is received, your order will be shipped. To pay for an order with a wire transfer, please contact us.